Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chicken Pox

Roosevelt Elementary has had a confirmed case of chicken pox (Varicella) in the building.  While most students are vaccinated against Varicella before entering kindergarten, it is still possible to contract the disease, although unlikely.  Usually if the disease is contracted, the symptoms are milder than if not vaccinated.  A letter was sent home to all elementary families informing them of the positive case of chicken pox.

Symptoms of Varicella (Chicken Pox) include:
1. Elevated temperature
2. Cold or runny nose
3. Small red pustules that appear on all parts of the body
4. Headache
5. General discomfort or not feeling well
The incubation period for Varicella is 14 to 21 days (this means from the time your child was exposed it will be 14 to 21 days before the child may show symptoms of the disease).  Not all students who are exposed will get the disease. Occasionally a child will get Chicken Pox more than once.
If your child does contract chicken pox, please inform the staff at the school your child is attending.

**Students with chicken pox must remain out of school at least 5 days from the onset of the pocks or until all pocks are completely dry, whichever comes first.

Julie Paulsen, RN-C

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